GP3R Day One – Qualified 5th

Today was great. Perfect weather, cars ran great and I made some big setup improvements throughout the day. The car was running well in practice in the am, but was extremely loose on entry and exit. Less rear bar and more front shock helped a ton, and once new tires were on the car for qualifying along with a few more changes the car really came together.

For qualifying I got some good clean space to charge right at the start, and my second lap was a 1.14 flat. That put me in 2nd and I would stay there for over half the session. I waited in the pits as I was pretty happy with my lap, and was first bumped by Dave cikiwitz (spelling) in a subaru sti with a good amount of power, although it was only by a few tenths. I was then bummed by both Nick wittmer and audette, but both by less than a tenth of a second!

This puts me in a great starting position for the Race. I get to chase Matt and nick and let the subaru and camirands rocketship BMW (rocketship in a straight line that is) have a clean free race.

Bob ran great and his car is doing better than ever. With some fresh tires I expect he will be well into the 15s tomorrow and making up good ground on the field.

Time to go downtown! The Crew is already drunk and silly

2 Responses to “GP3R Day One – Qualified 5th”
  1. Phil Reilly says:

    Great start to the weekend Sasha. Way to go.

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